WP Engine vs Flywheel – Which Is Better?

WP Engine vs Flywheel – Which Is Better?

(A Definitive Guide)

For busy entrepreneurs with less time on their hands, obtaining managed WP hosting is often the simplest way to save lots of effort, time, and personnel.
A managed WP hosting service takes care of all the technical aspects of WordPress, together with backups, security, updates, and more.

WP Engine summary

WP Engine, while not a doubt, is one of the foremost well-known hosted WordPress solutions.
The company has received a spread of awards, like the International Business Award, prime Workplaces, Ethics in Business and Community, and more

Who Is It For?

WP Engine is nice for anyone UN agency needs to enhance the performance of their WordPress website however doesn’t have the time or resources to try to do it alone. Here’s UN agency will enjoy their service:
  • Small and medium-sized business
  • Enterprise-level businesses
  • Agencies that manage websites for purchasers
  • Marketers
  • Developers
Let’s explore several WP Engine’s prime options and the way these options will be helpful for marketers, developers, and therefore the others mentioned higher than.

WP Engine Setup & Customization

WP Engine is straightforward to line up and customize
  • Themes – There square measure thirty-six free customizable StudioPress themes to settle on from with intrinsical SEO options
  • Migration Plugin – This plugin makes it straightforward to migrate your website to WP Engine with some clicks, while not losing something
  • Premium Migration Service – associate degree account manager is additionally accessible to require care of the technical aspects of migration if necessary
  • Launch Review – WP Engine’s team is offered to review your website before you launch it to form positive it’s prepared
  • Automatic Updates – All major WordPress updates are going to be handled for you automatically; minor updates are going to be tested initially
  • Automatic Backups – it’s necessary to make a copy of your website so that you don’t lose knowledge, and this is often done mechanically after you use WP Engine
  • Free SSL Certificate – you’ll be able to add it with one click
  • Free CDN – begin employing a CDN to hurry up your website with one click

WP Engine Team Management

WP Engine is nice for enterprises with tiny or giant groups.

  • Team Access – you’ll start user permissions so that correct roles and access levels apply
  • Site possession Transfer – If you’re building sites for shoppers, you’ll simply transfer website possession to them
  • Activity Log – Check your activity history to remain not off course with what your team members do on your website
  • Developer Connections – There square measure unpleasant person and SFTP connections on the market so that your development team will keep victimization their tools
  • Developer Tools – WP Engine comes with DevKit, which permits your development team to create sites with SSH entranceway access, push and pull deployments, and 3 environments: Dev, Stage, and Prod, together with dedicated dev environments.

Optimized WordPress Performance

One of the explanations to sign on for a managed WP hosting service is the improved performance you’ll get.
  • Increased Speed – As mentioned, you get a free CDN, which might speed up your website and defend you from hackers
  • Two-Factor Authentication – This nonmandatory feature also can increase security
  • Threat watching – WP Engine can monitor your website for threats by sleuthing and interference with malicious behavior before it gets out of hand
  • Disaster Recovery – If your website will go down, it’ll be making a copy before long with the assistance of WP Engine’s specialists
  • Dedicated Security Team – All security audits are going to be taken care of for you by their knowledgeable team
  • Global Performance – WP Engine has international knowledge Centers in Asia, the Pacific, North America, and Europe for improved performance and speed wherever you’re within the world
  • Amazon net Services – WP Engine is AN Amazon net Services Advanced Technology Partner, and they supply a range of cloud solutions
  • Downtime hindrance – stop website period with WP Engine’s CDN and alternative security measures
  • Premium Caching – Speed up your website by victimization EverCache
  • Scalability – WP Engine will manage redoubled spikes in activity while not period

WP Engine Integrations and Plugins

With WP Engine, you may have access to a large form of third-party plugins and integrated services.
Integrations – you’ll integrate with several third-party platforms and services
Plugins – you may have access to the whole WordPress plugin library
Partnerships – WP Engine has partnered with services like Amazon internet Services and Google Cloud Platform

WP Engine Customer Support

WP Engine contains a strong support center.
  • Contributors and consultants – There are square measure consultants dedicated to fourteen totally different specific subjects able to assist you with any issues you may face. every team member is trained for weeks
  • International 24/7 Support – A team of US- and Ireland-based support consultants are obtainable 24/7
  • Support Center – there’s an oversized support center with how-to articles and guides on the way to use each technical facet of WP Engine
  • Resource Center – The resource center has articles to assist you to grow your business
  • Solution Center – Here you’ll be able to realize plugins and third-party services to assist with any drawback you may be experiencing
  • WP Engine standing – this can be a separate website} which will tell you if any of the most site or the other services from WP Engine is down (WPEngineStatus.com)

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine’s affiliate program has won many awards.
For WP Engine sales, you get $200 minimum commissions, and you furthermore may get thirty-five p.c commissions from any StudioPress premium theme sales.
Affiliate cookies last for one hundred eighty days (StudioPress cookies solely last for sixty days), and you’ll be ready to use pre-designed banners and custom landing pages to market WP Engine.
You will even be ready to supply exclusive discounts and promotions to customers.

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine within reason priced. they need many plans.
  • Startup – $35/month or $350/year: One web site, 25,000 visits, 10GB native storage, and 50GB information measure
  • Growth – $115/month or $1150/year: 5 sites, 100,000 visits, 20GB native storage, and 200GB information measure. you furthermore may get phone support additionally to measure chat
  • Scale – $290/month or $2900/year: fifteen sites, 400,000 visits, 30GB native storage, and 400GB information measure
  • Custom – Custom price: Up to twenty-five sites, unlimited visits, up to 1TB native storage, and unlimited information measure
As you’ll be able to see, you’ll be able to get 2 months free off any arrange by linguistic communication up for a yearly charge.
All in all, WP Engine is one of the most effective managed WordPress services and is additionally a good worth for the money.

Flywheel summary

Flywheel, at GetFlywheel.com, was based in 2012. Its 3 founders started it in Omaha, Nebraska, and as a result,, they were uninterested in the unreliable solutions that were obtainable to them at the time.

Who Is It For?

Flywheel is ideal for:
Freelancers UN agency needs a managed platform that lets them build sites and collaborate with shoppers
Agencies that manage websites for shoppers
Enterprise groups with several members UN agency need to collaborate firmly and scale comes
Here are several of Flywheel’s best options.

Getting Started and Building Sites

Flywheel offers premium WordPress hosting solutions for secure and fast performance.
  • Free Migration – Moving your website to a regulator is simple. whether or not you’ve got one website or one hundred, migration is free – and you merely begin paying for the regulator when the migration method is over.
  • Blueprints – regulator takes themes to the consequent level. Blueprints are bundles of in-style themes with helpful plugins. you’ll produce a blueprint for all of your future sites so they mechanically go along with the plugins you wish. This makes fixing websites straightforward and fast and permits you to concentrate on the necessary style and configuration details.
  • Test Your Changes – a typical downside with written material websites is that you just need to risk having one thing get wrong on your live site. This isn’t a tangle with regulators as they need a separate sandbox setting that you’ll use to check your edits. they’ll solely go live once you are prepared.
  • Push and Pull – This separated setting additionally permits you to take a look at WordPress and plugin updates and see how they’ll have an effect on your website. you’ll additionally take a look at our new plugins. you’ll simply push or pull edits to or from your live website to your testing setting, and you’ll decide whether or not to maneuver solely themes and plugins or additionally the information.
  • Site Cloning– this is often in our own way to quickly produce sites. you’ll clone the associate degree existing website so you’ve got a duplicate. you’ll either edit and customize the second website or keep it because it is. this could be helpful if you wish to form several sites for shoppers with similar structures and solely ought to edit the small print.
  • Organizations – Add team members to your organizations. You can assign roles and permissions and allow different team members to create, publish, and edit sites. You can invite clients or team members to collaborate on projects without having to share passwords. Teammates who have full access can be added

Optimized Performance

Flywheel helps optimize your site’s performance.
  • Optimized Security – regulator optimizes your security at the server level thus you wouldn’t like any third-party plugins like Security any longer. as an example, their intelligent scientific discipline obstruction service can forestall intruders.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – this provides you another layer of security.
  • Limited Login tries – activate this feature to avoid folks breaking your positive identification through brute force.
  • Disaster Recovery – If your website will get compromised, Flywheel’s team of specialists can stop working on your website and take away any malware.
  • FlyCache – FlyCache accelerates your website by catching your content. It works at the side of Flywheel’s CDN to deliver cached content from world points of presence around the world and for accumulated security. Caching is customizable, and exception rules are mechanically applied for sure enough plugins.
  • Choose Your knowledge Center- the regulator has knowledge centers within us, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia. no matter wherever you’re within the world, you may get fast speeds. you’ll select your knowledge center yourself for optimized performance.
  • Automatic Backups- Your website is insured mechanically nightly. This way, all of the flywheels make it simple for groups and organizations to collaborate. ur daily updates are saved and may be restored with one click.

Flywheel Analytics

Flywheel makes it simple for groups and organizations to collaborate.
  • Organizations – Add team members to your organizations. you’ll assign roles and permissions and permit completely different team members to make, publish, and edit sites. you’ll invite shoppers or team members to collaborate on comes while not having to share passwords. Teammates United Nations agency have full access are often others, and you’ll revoke access and permissions at any time.
  • Central Dashboard – All team member sites are visible from one dashboard.
  • Real-Time Feeds – associate activity feed can show you what the United Nations agency is doing in real-time. as an example, the feed can get updated as presently as somebody publishes a website or makes an associate edit.
  • Real-Time Notifications: you’ll additionally get period notifications through the Slack integration.
  • Billing Management – you may even have a centralized dashboard to manage all of your organization’s subscriptions.

Flywheel Agencies

Agencies can notice that regulator makes it straightforward to manage purchasers.
  • Demo Sites – It’s vital to be ready to show potential purchasers what you’ll do. produce demo sites to showcase to purchasers.
  • Ownership Transfer – you’ll simply transfer possession to a consumer and send them a bill when you build their website.
  • Retain Access – Even when transferring possession to a consumer, you may retain access as a collaborator. this enables you to create edits and look out for updates once necessary. If you don’t would like a separate password; it’ll still be accessible from your dashboard.

Flywheel Agency Partner

You can conjointly become a bureau Partner. This helps you to sell hosting to purchasers
You will get a fervent account manager to assist you to manage your purchasers.
Your agency website is hosted for gratis, and regulatorsator can look out for all of your clients’ WordPress desires, as well as updates, backups, caching security, and more.
You can get paid up to $500 for every website you develop and transfer to purchasers on the regulator.
With Flywheel’s white-label service, you get a client-facing dashboard that’s bespoke and branded together with your company’s logos.
You will be secured by Flywheel’s support workers, however, you’ll set your own costs. you’ll conjointly find out your own subscriptions for continual revenue.

Flywheel native WordPress Development

Flywheel’s native WordPress development setting helps you to produce shareable URLs to indicate to shoppers and has SSH access, free native SSL support, and more.

Flywheel client Support and Resources

Flywheel, like WP Engine, offers nice support to their customers
  • Schedule a Demo – Go here to sign in for a free demo of the platform
  • Ebook Library – regulator incorporates a massive ebook library, covering topics like “Vacation list for Designers” and “How to resolve Plugin Conflicts”
  • Video Library – Videos regarding regulators and selling tips
  • Help Docs – facilitate documentation regarding technical and request queries
  • Web style Trends – A free 14-day email course with net style tips
  • Customer Support – client Support is obtainable via live chat 24/7 from your dashboard. Phone support is just obtainable on the very best setup.

Flywheel valuation

Flywheel is cheaper than WP Engine. Here are unit the offered plans:
  • Starter – $25/month or $275/year: One website, 25,000 monthly visits, 5GB disk storage, and 50GB information measure
  • Freelance – $115/month or $1265/year: Up to ten sites, 100,000 monthly visits, 10GB disc space, and 200GB information measure
  • Agency – $290/month or $3190/year: Up to thirty sites, 500,000 monthly visits, 50GB disc space, and five hundred GB information measure
  • Custom – Custom worth and limits
Even the starter arrangement includes most of the options.
Some options area unit premium; for example, phone support, the migration dashboard, and an ardent account manager area unit solely enclosed within the Agency arrangement.
As you’ll be able to see, Flywheel’s least expensive arrangement is cheaper than WP Engine’s lowest arrangement, and whereas the opposite 2 plans have similar costs as WP Engine (at least if you sign in for monthly billing), the regulator offers additional monthly visits, disk space, and information measure for an equivalent worth.

Optional Add-On Services

Flywheel has many alternative services you’ll be able to get for an extra monthly worth.
  • Performance Insights – beginning at $25/month: Get in-depth performance insights regarding your guests
  • Plugin Updates – beginning at $25/month: Monthly plugin updates in dire straits you by the regulator team
  • Security Insights – beginning at $25/month: Get insights into security risks or attacks on your website. Quarterly security audits area unit enclosed.
  • White label – The White Label service prices are $99/month.
Although regulator will be cheaper and provide quite WP Engine, you’ve got to be okay with not having careful analytics or done-for-you plugin updates while not paying further.
This is positively a drawback with the regulator.

WP Engine vs regulator – however, Do Experiences Compare?

  • Trustpilot Reviews: WP Engine has a median rating of two.8 on Trustpilot, and Flywheel’s rating is three.5. However, the regulator presently has fewer than ten reviews, creating the info not terribly reliable. additionally, take Trustpilot average ratings with a grain of salt, as it’s common for even glorious firms to possess low average ratings because of the tiny share of discontented customers World Health Organization fancy Trustpilot in droves to voice their complaints.
  • Customer Support: WP Engine has higher client support. With the regulator, you would like to purchase an upscale and decide to get phone support, and phone support isn’t accessible 24/7.
  • Speed and Performance: in step with this journal post, WP Engine delivers a quicker average speed than a regulator. additionally, WP Engine guarantees a reduction if you have the expertise for any period.
  • Migration: This vendor according to nasty expertise with migrating to regulator, news that there have been endless errors with uploading WordPress and it took one.5 hours. However, it’s attainable that it absolutely was an occurrence issue.
  • Design: WP Engine offers nice style choices with their StudioPress themes.
  • Price and worth for Money: As shown on top, the regulator offers cheaper plans and additional worth for your cash. WP Engine will get pricy.

Why Get WP Managed Hosting?

You may be speculative about why it might be value paying a couple of hundred bucks a year for managed WP hosting once you are often paying a couple of bucks a month with a hosting platform like BlueHost.
Here square measure a number of the highest advantages of managed WP hosting:
  1. Better Security: Your website is safer. Managed WP hosting services and install security measures to guard your website against spam and hacking makes an attempt. They additionally monitor your {site|website|web website} for suspicious activity and can assist you to restore your site if you are doing expertise any issues.
  2. Better Performance: Through CDNs, caching, and alternative services, you may get an additional period, faster page load speeds, an associate degree,, and overall improved performance.
  3. Support From Experts: the extent of support you may get with a managed WP hosting service may be a heap on top of what you’ll get with a daily hosting service like Namecheap or Bluehost.
  4. Testing Environments: you’ll get access to native and staging environments that enable you to check out options before you put in them for optimum performance.
  5. Done-For-You Updates: Don’t worry any longer about having to update all of your plugins yourself. Everything is taken care of for you.
  6. Team Collaboration: Managed hosting services build it straightforward to manage a team and collaborate with colleagues on comes.
  7. Manage Clients: Agencies and freelancers will profit the foremost from managed WP hosting because it permits them to make and manage sites for multiple shoppers.
  8. Be additional Productive: At the top of the day, with regular, unmanaged hosting, you may have to be compelled to concentrate on maintaining your website frequently. Things will come back up that takes up time and energy and scale back productivity, like plugins that aren’t operating properly or security problems. With managed hosting, you’ll concentrate on internet style, making content, and creating sales.

Wrapping It Up

Both WordPress and regulator square measure nice choices.
If your budget isn’t a problem for you, you’d most likely be at an advantage with WP Engine, because it has been around for an extended time, is reliable, and offers slightly higher performance.
On the opposite hand, if you’re making an attempt to save lots of prices, the regulator can provide you with a higher worth for your cash.

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