WP Engine vs AWS – Which Is Better? [Ultimate Guide]

WP Engine vs AWS – Which Is Better? 

[Ultimate Guide]

WP Engine vs AWS – Which Is Better?

With the ever-growing range of internet sites on the web with a spread of functionalities and applications, your website must perform well if it’s to rank high on top of the gang.
All these hinges on the sort of internet hosting service you select to use.
Basically, your website can not be “live” on the web while not an online hosting service supplier.
Web hosts are services that offer cloud computing space for storing your website files and create it accessible to nearly everybody on the web.
The platform you select for your website determines the amount of traffic you’ll receive, the information measure accessible, the share of a period, support services, and loads a lot of supported rating plans.
Consequently, choosing an online hosting service is going to be littered with the scale of your website – massive or little – its measurability, and therefore the resources at your disposal.
Among the foremost standard internet hosting services on the market nowadays are WP Engine and Amazon internet Services (AWS), which we’ll pit against one another during this comparison. scan on to seek out our overall winner for this spherical.

What is WP Engine?

WP Engine was established in 2010 to produce ‘Managed Hosting Services’ to house owners whose blogs and websites are designed with WordPress CMS.
It provides its shoppers with a series of WordPress-centric options like Genesis framework, development environments, global CDN, automatic SSL certificates, 35+ StudioPress Themes, and far a lot of, as we’ll see within the list of options.
Some of their high-profile people embody Thomson Reuters, AFV, Trend small, ASU, beneath Armour, and Arizona State University, among others.
WordPress CMS is that the world’s leading CMS with over thirty p.c of internet sites on the web mistreatment the platform.
This makes WP Engine one among the popular selections for internet designers to simply launch any quiet WordPress website while not in trouble.
Its core advantages, particularly for website designers, embody saving time and energy, security, less period, a free staging atmosphere, daily backups, dedicated support, and a bucket load of options.
WP Engine incorporates the subsequent features:

WP Engine Genesis Framework

With the Genesis Framework on the market to WP Engine users, you’ll be able to build WordPress sites in no time, manage them simply, personalize your website/blog to support your preferences, and obtain your website printed quickly.

WP Engine Performance

Websites hosted on WP Engine fancy high performance in terms of availability/uptime, speed, quantifiability, and security.
This is significantly useful to keep your website up and running to serve your website guests.
Other salient WP Engine options include:
  • Regular security auto-updates
  • Fast disaster recovery
  • Regular offsite backup to forestall information loss
  • Geo IP
  • Billing transfer
WP Engine Web Hosting Pricing Packages
All the obtainable plans are supported by ‘Managed Hosting Service,’ a kind of hosting that gives you less management over your server’s improvement and maintenance, however, are appropriated by WP Engine’s specialists.
Thus, you oughtn’t worry about the technical tasks related to running and maintaining your websites.
WP Engine offers the subsequent rating plans:

1. Startup arrange – for one website (ideal for a weblog or any low website

  • Starting at $35 (USD)/month
  • 25,000 Visits / month
  • 10 GB native storage
  • 50 GB Monthly information measure
Free Add-ons include:
  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • Dev, Stage, Prod Environments
  • Transferable Sites
  • PHP 7.3 ready
  • LargeFS
  • Global CDN
  • Page Performance
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • SSH entrance

2. Growth arrange – for five websites (Ideal for a growing business)

  • Starting at $115 (USD)/month
  • 100,000 Visits / month
  • 20 GB native storage
  • 200 GB
  • Bandwidth / month
Free Add-ons include:
  • All Starter set up free Add-ons, plus:
  • Imported SSL certificates
  • 24/7 phone support

3. Scale arrange – for fifteen websites (ideal for Medium Businesses)

  • Starting at $290(USD)/month
  • 400,000 Visits / month
  • 30 GB native storage
  • 400 GB information measure / month
Free Add-ons include:
All Growth arranges free Add-ons

4. Custom arrange – for 25+ websites

  • Custom rating
  • Million Visits/month
  • 100GB – 1TB native storage
  • 400 GB+ information measure / month
Free Add-ons include:
  • All Scale arrange free Add-ons
  • WordPress Multisite
  • GeoTarget
  • Content Performance
  • Consultative onboarding
  • Readiness assessment
For the Starter, Growth, and Scale rating plans, you get 2 free months after you choose AN annual subscription.
WP Engine professionals and Cons
  • Free access to 35+ StudioPress WordPress themes and Genesis Framework
  • Free backups
  • Built-in staging environments
  • Built-in EverCache caching plugin
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • StackPath CDN integration
  • Enterprise-grade WordPress security
  • 24/7 support
  • Email hosting and name registration aren’t provided
  • A long list of disallowed WordPress Plugins
  • No CPanel (User Portal)

What is AWS?

Amazon internet Services (or AWS) may be a cloud computing platform established by Amazon to produce on-demand internet services for people, SMBs, and governments.
Established by Amazon in 2006, AWS has evolved over the years into an Associate in Nursing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
This is attributable to its ever-increasing options engaged in cloud computing, networking, applications management, storage, deployment, and direction.
It has additionally enlarged its offerings to produce mobile services, robotics, media services, IoT, Blockchain, internet hosting, and tons a lot of.
Some of their high-profile patronages include Netflix, Unilever, Airbnb, Philips, Expedia, and Intuit, among others.
This goes to indicate that AWS will service every kind of web-related desire of their prospective purchasers.
Unlike different internet hosts, AWS may be a versatile Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) supplier with a series of internet services that area unit tailored for every kind of internet purchaser.
However, all its options area units are generally classified into 5 classes namely: reason, Storage, Database, Networking & Content Delivery, and further Migration & Transfer.

WP Engine vs AWS – Which One Should You Opt For?

WP Engine could be an extremely reliable hosting supplier, whereas AWS is extremely versatile.
However, to spot the perfect net host for your next website project, you would like to decide on the online host that’s appropriate for your desires.
For this purpose, we’ll be scrutiny WP Engine and AWS, employing a few criteria:


WP Engine has four rating packages tailored to many desires of website house owners whether or not SMBs or massive firms. With plans beginning at $35/month, you’ll be able to simply scale your website because the want arises.
It conjointly offers you 2 free months after you subscribe to its annual pay arrangement.
On the opposite hand, AWS offers a versatile rating theme, therefore you simply pay as you utilize.
In addition, AWS provides the TCO calculator and easy Monthly Calculator that permits you to estimate planned infrastructure usage, costs, and monthly bills, severally.
However, AWS’ net hosting worth is costlier compared to what WP Engine offers.
If you favor clarity once choosing a hosting arrangement, WP Engine could be a smart platform to pick.

Ease of Use

WordPress CMS is thought to be one every of the simplest CMS to be told across the globe. the method of fitting a WordPress website is far quicker after you are creating use of WP Engine.
Besides, WP Engine is made in the main for the WordPress CMS world. Therefore, novice WordPress designers will simply host their websites with WP Engine – due to the quick learning curve.
Further, WP Engine incorporates a user portal (rather than a management Panel), that eliminates the necessity for users to handle their website’s backend method.
It conjointly provides managed WordPress hosting plans that facilitate 24/7 services like backups, WordPress upgrades, plugin updates, and more
AWS, on the opposite hand, is one of the foremost complicated platforms for first-time users above all novice developers.
It conjointly offers multiple services which may be confusing for the non-tech-savvy individual or tyro because of the variability of choices and rating plans.
However, experienced developers will eliminate the strains of the steep learning curve and simply deploy/host their websites on the AWS platform at intervals of a couple of days.
AWS compensates for this by providing free digital coaching for beginners to be told AWS Cloud skills on its platform.


WP Engine implements Google Cloud Platform’s Compute-Optimized Virtual Machines (VM) (C2) which is to blame for its top-speed WordPress hosting performance.
In addition, WP Engine implements its constitutional caching system – EverCache technology that reduces server hundreds while boosting web content speed.
Also, WP Engine facilitates integration with StackPath CDN for quicker loading times.
AWS contains a massive cloud infrastructure that spans twenty-two geographic regions within the world.
Estimated to own over two million internet servers, AWS is ever-blazing once it involves loading websites whether or not WordPress or non-WordPress sites, still as applications.
Unlike WP Engine, AWS implements its proprietary CDN called Amazon CloudFront for the prime deliverability of web page.

Email Hosting/Domain Name Registration

One of the drawbacks of WP Engine for hosting websites is its inability to facilitate email hosting still as a site name registration service.
Although this can be a low blow to the leading managed WordPress hosting supplier, potential users can need to purchase domain names from suggested third-party suppliers.
AWS on the opposite hand, facilitates each email hosting and domain hosting through its services –
Amazon WorkMail and Amazon AppDrag severally.

Known Limitations

WP Engine is proscribed to solely WordPress hosting, thus you can’t host non-WordPress sites on the platform.
Another famed limitation of WP Engine is that it doesn’t enable you to own a series of WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache, VersionPress, yet one more connected Posts Plugin, WP list, howdy Dolly!, and several other others.
Meanwhile, AWS imposes service limits that keep users under control once they are on the point of exceeding their resource limits. It conjointly suffers time periods, particularly throughout migration processes.

Uptime and Reliability

WP Engine’s guarantee comes with a stimulating ninety-nine.95% uptime.
It conjointly compensates 5 p.c of the client’s price for every hour undergone.
Reputed for its extreme security approach, WP Engine automates daily backups for websites being hosted on its platform, and backups are preserved for an amount of 2 months.
Additionally, WP Engine oftentimes scans its servers for viruses and hacks. By partnering with Cybersecurity service suppliers like Sucuri, they deny malware-ridden WordPress plugins and set up preventive measures against all famed threats.
On the opposite hand, AWS comes with ninety-nine. 99 p.c period and improvises its cloud computing resources to make sure that websites hosted on its platform are out there all the time.
In the same breadth, Amazon internet Services automates the coding of information onto its platform, and stores uploaded files firmly on its storage systems.
One of the perks of Amazon internet Services is its readiness to face up to all kinds of cyber threats directed against its product and services.

Customer Support

WP Engine offers 24/7 web for all its users and intending customers.
Their support team is often reached via email, phone, live chat, FAQs, and comprehensive resource center, still like social media.
It conjointly offers design support for his or her custom evaluation package.
Conversely, their phone support isn’t out there for subscribers of the Starter setup.
Alternatively, AWS offers support via their Support Center and data Center, however, to induce technical support for any of the signed services, users are expected to subscribe to any of the AWS Support Plans.

Final Thoughts

The website building method is often exciting expertise for the budding website designers, developers, or homeowners at massive.
However, a website should be hosted on the net to achieve numerous website-building goals.
If you’re a replacement website designer and/or developer, you’ll decide on an internet host like WP Engine that makes the complete web hosting secure, thrilling, and easy.
Besides, WP Engine is constructed with WordPress Content Management System (CMS) that makes it doable for you to develop any reasonable websites you would like via WordPress plugins and themes, that are in gear for useful use.
Another WP Engine highlight to contemplate is its easy-to-spot evaluation plans that create the complete method clear and conspicuous.
However, if you’re a sophisticated developer with technical website hosting expertise, you’ll decide on AWS.
Both internet host service suppliers are notable for or their speed, security, and performance.
However, this comparison reveals that WP Engine is good for the individual, SMBs, and even massive enterprise users, whereas Amazon internet Services works well with enterprises with the requirement for giant internet resources.
As much as preferences and wishes ultimately influence your selection, WP Engine is our clear winner for this comparison.

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