WP Engine Review, Pricing & Coupon [Get It Now]

WP Engine Review, Pricing & Coupon

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The managed WordPress hosting trade continues to be terribly huge.
Some folks believe that almost all WordPress users currently have enough data of WordPress that they now not would like these hosting corporations to assist them got wind of their servers, however, albeit this is often true, do these users have the capability to require care of their servers on a daily basis on their own?
For plenty of WordPress users, the solution isn’t any.
Unless you’re a developer that works with WordPress a day, putting in place servers with Ocean breeze or Linode could seem as simple as rocket science.
If you simply need to make an internet site for your business or personal use while not obtaining your hands dirty, then you would like an associate degree expert’s bit.
For a median user, WordPress is just a Blackbox that aids you to showcase your portfolio, make posts, and manage comments – and it ought to keep that manner, albeit it’s such a lot additional.
As long as the primary purpose of your business doesn’t involve the additional technical aspects of WordPress, then there’s no reason why you ought to understand an excessive amount concerning security, speed, daily backups, measurability, etc.
That is wherever managed WordPress hosting comes in. once your area unit signed up to their services, your managed host are liable for the additional technical, and body tasks so you’ll be able to focus additional on building and promoting your business.
This article is concerning one of all the simplest hosting corporations within the game; WP Engine, however before we tend to dive into details concerning them, let’s point out cars for a second.
The Bugatti Veyron may be a super-fast automobile, and I’m positive you’ll perform okay if you employ the everyday Veyron for a haul race. however if I actually have learned something from quick and Furious, the winners of the race area unit perpetually people who have optimized their cars, with higher tires, a changed casing, and turbocharger.
At the tip of the day, the automobile remains a Bugatti Veyron, however one that’s optimized to perform higher than the everyday stock Veyron.
It is a constant factor with WordPress.
The out-of-the-box net server has constant elements, however, the task of a managed hosting company is to optimize these servers to create your WordPress website a winning one.
WP Engine is one of those managed hosting corporations that are aware of their stuff. they’re specialists in supplying you with the mandatory support and backup which will assist you to drive (pun intended) your website to success.
They are headquartered in Austin, Texas, and area unit one in all the pioneers of managed hosting services for WordPress.
WP Engine has a lot of competitors in the market including Siteground, Bluehost, Flywheel, Pantheon, and others, but before you draw any conclusions, you must realize that the hosting industry has become super complicated place.
A couple of the large names like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and HostGator, among others, are area unit hosting firms, however with totally different functions.
Some of them provide specialized WordPress technical support, whereas other area units chiefly targeted the server-side facet of WordPress.
For WP Engine, their primary operation is to confirm that WordPress users focus less on security, speed, and performance, and also on the additional technical functions of their sites.
That being aforesaid, WP Engine still remains Associate in Nursing business leader in each of the overall and managed WordPress hosting houses, therefore let’s ascertain why.

WP Engine Features

Let’s take a glance at what WP Engine offers.
WP Engine Speed and Performance
It’s a general belief that the additional complicated your website is, the slower it’ll probably be, however, a square measure variety of things may verify the speed of your website, in spite of what it contains.
Using the Bugatti narrative, how briskly you’ll drive it depends on tons of things, however, the concept is to grasp how the automotive works and what roads you may drive it on.
To know however your website will become quicker, you wish to grasp what makes WordPress websites quicker and what inhibits them.
Sounds like a lot? Well, as luck would have it for you, WP Engine largely has it lined.
WP Engine has a number of the simplest kinds of machinery in situ to form speed and performance one less issue to fret concerning.
For starters, their partnership with StackPath ensures that every one of their subscribers will access a content delivery network that uses CDN to scale back the ping rate, thereby creating the positioning quicker. This service is free for you as long as you subscribe to any of their paid plans.
Caching is different to confirm quicker speed and process explosive traffic surges while not ever going offline.
This is doable with the help of EverCache which updates your website whenever there’s a brand new entry. the mixture of StackPath and EverCache sees to that that your customers get content quicker whereas caching static content on your website.
WP Engine ensures that every one of your pages square measure cached, furthermore as your subdomains and redirects.
You can perpetually check how your website is faring by yourself. There’s a performance testing tool in your user portal that solely needs you to input your site’s address to grasp however it’s playing.
More than that, the tool additionally recommends ways to enhance the positioning speed and different areas wherever it lags. you’ll see the time it takes to show the primary object on your website, furthermore however long it takes to show everything on the positioning fully.
This will prevent the strain of getting to use third-party apps to achieve insights into your site’s performance and the way to enhance it.
WP Engine features a speed tool that you just will use to visualize how briskly your website hundreds if you don’t wish to use an associate degree external application.
Overall, WP Engine helps you maintain your site’s speed and performance even after you have a lot of guests returning, and it will do this while not having to mess with any stratified caching plugin.

WP Engine Customer Support

Customer support may be a massive part of any business, particularly one that’s within the business of providing services.
When it involves WordPress hosting client support, WP Engine is putative joined of the simplest.
In fact, they need over two hundred support specialists United Nations agency work round the clock to confirm that customers get solely the best-personalized support expertise.
To ensure that there’s invariably somebody to retort to you, WP Engine support centers square measure situated in 3 world places, thus once you do decide, you’ll make certain that there’ll be somebody able to answer at the opposite finish.
The best half is that their support isn’t solely restricted to hosting issues. Their support team consists of WordPress specialists and engineers who square measure capable of troubleshooting your website problems and recommending higher solutions.
You can reach bent to them via their live chat or raise any queries you will have over the phone.
Their user portal support is to be used for hosting or WordPress-connected problems, and they even have outsized content that contains many articles which will proffer solutions to your problems.
They boast of a 3-minute latency for their live chat, and from personal expertise, I will ensure that they respond even quicker, notwithstanding what time of the day you contact them.

WP Engine Security

Security can continually be a priority for WordPress users being that the platform powers the next range of internet sites than the other single platform. this implies that several sites designed on WordPress are going to be prime targets for hackers.
That being aforementioned, there isn’t very an excessive amount to fret concerning. WordPress as AN ASCII text file platform doesn’t in an exceeding method place it in an underprivileged position in terms of security.
There’s no language on whether or not closed-source sites square measure safer than ASCII text file ones. If something, ASCII text file platforms provide you with access to an oversized community that perpetually releases new updates and tests for various vulnerabilities.
For WordPress users that handle their own server infrastructures, securing their websites isn’t a troublesome task either. They merely got to install and update files and plugins frequently from verified creators, together with a security plugin, and backup their content.
Despite being easy, the responsibility still falls on you, and you want to be argus-eyed to not ever fall prey to malware distributors.
For WP Engine users, the host handles everything, and WP Engine can handle website security higher than the common WordPress user as a result of their team of specialists.
They observe all the simplest practices and backup your website to be able to roll back if there’s ever a cyber apocalypse.
Their partnership with high-security corporations guarantees that you simply have the simplest hand on your website and that the area unit is accountable for transferral your site back to normalcy for complimentary if you ever get hacked.

WP Engine Market focus

Remember at the start, we have a tendency to mention that there square measure totally different|completely different} net hosting firms with different flavors? Well, what we have a tendency to merely meant was that every totally different|completely different} host includes a different target market.
For WP Engine, their square measure ideal customer’s square measure is placed in three categories, and WP Engine has optimized its tools and employees to confirm that they satisfy these 3 categories.
The first category consists of developers that square measure trying to find a platform wherever they’ll have an optical device concentrate on development and style while not having to stress regarding hosting maintenance and what comes with it.
This way, everything is separated, being that the developer’s sole job is to make the website on WP Engine’s staging surroundings, test, and launch it. Once that’s done, they’ll get in the website to their consumer, with the peace of mind that there’ll be no hosting, security, or performance problems.
WP Engine uses a number of their most premium tools for this market, as well as unpleasant person push, transferable installs, staging, etc., and if they sound costly, that’s as a result of there, however some purchasers with vast budgets square measure willing to interrupt the bank for the simplest service.
The second category of consumers consists of the bulk whose reasons for the victimization of WordPress in the initial place is as a result of they are doing not care to handle the technical implications that go along with it. they’re those who have already got established businesses, however with a special (poorer) host, and might currently afford a managed service.
WP Engine uses their machine-driven migration tool to form the method quicker and it’s a great deal of power tool since they provide phone support.
Finally, the third class consists of recent businesses that square measure trying to decide to an honest platform for an extended time.
They usually don’t have previous infrastructures or content on alternative platforms, and would really like to launch a whole website from scratch right away.

WP Engine Hosting

The WP Engine’s development team is understood for upgrading and making new options to fulfill new trends and demands from customers.
If there’s something concerning WordPress, it’s that new versions square measure extended oftentimes. WordPress these days and many years past could look terribly similar, however, loads has modified. they need to introduce several new developers’ options and, as way as I do know, WP Engine has been able to integrate into each one of them.
One of WP Engine’s options that have simplified internet development for its users is the acquisition of StudioPress.
StudioPress could be a platform that creates it straightforward for WordPress users to access completely different WordPress theme frameworks. This deal is accessible to any or all WP Engine users, no matter the subscription package they procured.
With StudioPress, WordPress users will use the Genesis framework and many different premium WordPress themes to quickly style a replacement and professional-looking website.
This is particularly helpful for brand new WordPress users with no previous expertise in internet development. the foremost troublesome part of victimization StudioPress for them in selecting the simplest theme to use.
All StudioPress themes square measure pre-set per completely different industries and that they square measure loaded with SEO and security measures.

WP Engine Complexities

One factor that WordPress users realize WP Engine is that they’re able to bring home the bacon quicker speed, security, and measurability, however, what several don’t grasp is that so as to realize those, the hosting company must do things otherwise.
On the brilliant facet, this distinction isn’t essentially unhealthy. In fact, on balance is alleged and done, it’ll be worthwhile, however, it’s the road towards the destination that may be a royal pain, particularly to the non-techies.
WP Engine’s backend wasn’t continuously as clean as it now could be, however, the value for this is often that it currently needs additional custom configuration.
For example, several hosting corporations give DNS nameservers for their users, but not WP Engine. Instead, they need that you just update your DNS directly with the supplier whom you bought the DNS from.
For the associate veteran developer, this shouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a haul, however, one mistake will cause different kinds of complications ensuing from sending loops that square measure capable of departure the developer’s web site exposed to the general public or unable to execute some options.
Of course, once a jiffy of victimization WP Engine, you may get the suspend of it, or a minimum of becoming higher at it. For now, you may most likely watch videos on the way to push your website live to induce you thru.
Even then, you can not actually boast of understanding WP Engine fully.
If you surf their content, you may bump into totally different materials with a variety of checklists that you just have to be compelled to diagnose your site-related problems. And if you discovered your DNS supported a video that incorporates a totally different methodology from what they need to be counseled, your website will go down.
In this scenario, their client support is going to be the sole answer to your prayers.

WP Engine Limited Versatility

Another drawback of WP Engine’s totally different setup methodology is that it attracts a thick boundary to what you’ll bring into your website and what you’ll cast off.
This is as a result of the individuality of the location being dependent on the very fact that the complete design and installations on the location area unit are uniform.
The idea is that every one of their plugins, traveler patterns, and use cases should air a foreseeable, simple line.
Granted, {different|totally different|completely different} WordPress hosting platforms have their own different rules, however, WP Engine goes the additional mile to see what you’ll and can’t introduce to your own website.
One of the measures that they place in situ to discourage seasonal traffic spikes is the ludicrously expensive rate they need to be pegged the tiers at.
While they will realize it is straightforward to create a case for the prohibition of some plugins and admin behaviors, it will limit the flexibility of users.
‘Yet Another connected Post’ plugin is one of the foremost well-liked plugins that are exiled by WP Engine. This plugin works alright with tiny sites that provide a heap of stress to content promoting, however, it’s not allowed in WP Engine.
Another facet of the host that hinders skillfulness is its rating structure. For what its value, the quantity that may desire to handle a medium traffic website on WP Engine will alright be wont to get a VPS server that’s capable of handling way more large traffic.
With WP Engine, you’re primarily paying for performance and not storage.

WP Engine Pricing

Looking at its supported options, they are not offering you the foremost generous deal.
Unless you run an oversized business that needs an obsessive surrounding and support, there square measure 3 paid plans that you simply will select from:
Here square measure of the most options of the Startup plan:
  • Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Staging environment
  • PHP 7.3 ready
  • Automated SSL certificate
  • Global CDN
  • Free transferable sites
  • 10GB local storage
  • 5k monthly visits
  • 50GB bandwidth
  • 1website

Growth plan

Priced at $115/month, the expansion arrange is for businesses that wish to proportion as a result of continual growth in traffic.
Here area unit the options of the expansion plan:
  • 20GB local storage
  • 100k monthly visits
  • 200GB bandwidth
  • 5 Website
  • S5H gateway
Plus everything else the Startup plan has

Scale plan

Priced at $290/month, this setup is meant for businesses with massive WordPress websites that require a managed hosting service for higher performance.
Here square measure of the most options of the dimensions plan:
  • 20GB local storage
  • 100k monthly visits
  • 200GB bandwidth
  • 5 websites
  • SSH gateway
Plus everything else the Startup arranges has.
Plus everything else the expansion arrange has.
They even have a custom arrangement for big businesses. Contact them for a quote.
These square measure monthly payment plans. If you pay annually, you get a discount.

WP Engine Coupon

If you want to register for WP Engine currently, you’ll relish a reduction on any setup that you simply need to buy.
WP Engine is giving a coupon code that grants you a half-hour discount off any of their plans otherwise you will get the primary 5 months of your internet hosting free after you pay for a year.
To qualify for this discount, use the code ‘CYBERWKND30’.

How To Apply The Coupon Code

First, move to WP ENGINE from this page. Once you utilize this link, you’ll mechanically qualify for a half-hour discount and you’ll see a message about it impact.
When you click on ‘Apply Discount’, the location can take you right down to the evaluation section. There you’re to click on the ‘Get Started’ button for your most popular arrangement.
The next page can prompt you to line up your account.
Before you fill out the shape, check the right-hand facet of the page to substantiate that your code was applied properly.

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