Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Review

Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Review

In order to make a membership website, it’s extremely counseled that you just use a membership Website

There square measure several reasons why you wish for a membership plugin, one in every of that is the problem of dominant access to your premium content amongst others.

Hence, a membership plugin takes away the challenges of managing membership websites.

There square measure many membership plugins available; so, choosing the perfect plugin won’t be a simple task.

You can like better use any of the free membership plugins on the market, otherwise, you will subscribe to a premium membership plugin.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Digital Access Pass membership plugin, which could be a premium membership plugin. Also, we’ll cowl the DAP membership plugin options, pricing, alternatives, and more.

By the top of the review, you’d have learned enough concerning the DAP Membership plugin to form up your mind concerning it.

What Is Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin?

The Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin is known by its operation (a membership plugin), maybe a plugin for those running membership websites. The DAP membership plugin was engineered primarily for WordPress websites, however presently, you’ll be able to use it for a custom website with inbuilt HTML/PHP.

Membership websites square measure websites with contents accessible solely by approved members. Besides, membership websites additionally sell merchandise, content, or services to website guests.

The essence of making a membership website is to produce secure content that isn’t accessible to non-members.

You can utilize the DAP membership plugin in many ways, a number of that include:

  • Setting up an automatic membership website
  • Handling payments via different payment gateways, subscriptions, and more
  • Running free membership websites that don’t need payment or subscription
  • Transforming regular websites into membership websites that generate financial gain from membership subscriptions

The DAP membership plugin is straightforward to use, and it’s compatible with several WordPress-looking carts. Besides that, you’ll use it to safeguard specific files or webpages instead of a complete website, and you’ll conjointly use it to lock down audio files, video files, image files, ebooks, and more.

How Does The Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Work?

The DAP plugin works by property you receive payments, manage subscriptions, drip contents, upsell merchandise, collect affiliates, and more.

As a website admin World Health Organization desires to create use of the DAP plugin, all you wish to try to do is pay money for a most popular set up then transfer and install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

Installing The DAP Membership Plugin

To with success install the DAP plugin on your WordPress website, your internet hosting supplier should meet the subsequent requirements:

  • PHP version five or higher
  • MySQL version five or higher
  • PDO for MySQL
  • Support for JSON
  • Support for mastering
  • Register Globals
  • Support for FOPEN/CURL
  • Support for MCRYPT
  • Session Save_path
  • High memory limit

Note: if your hosting supplier doesn’t meet all of the factors expressed higher, the DAP straightforward installer won’t be ready to install the DAP membership plugin on your website with success.

After a flourishing installation, you would like to line up and put together the DAP membership plugin from the DAP dashboard before you’ll be able to begin mistreatment it.

Features Of Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin

Below square measure of the options of the Digital Access Pass membership plugin:

WordPress Compatibility: The Digital Access Pass membership plugin was created primarily for WordPress CMS, thus it’s compatible with it. Its style is optimized to fulfill the WordPress standards and to mix simply with any WordPress theme or style. The plugin conjointly supports non-WordPress websites like hypertext mark-up language and PHP websites.

Advanced Control/Management: DAP membership plugin has advanced management and management options that build it straightforward for website admins to manage their membership website. you’ll be able to classify members supported by their payment standing, registration date, services used, and more. Its advanced search feature makes it straightforward to seek out website members’ exploitation of their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Language Support: other than English, the DAP membership plugin supports international languages like Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, etc. Therefore, you’ll be able to publish or send internet and e-mail content in any international language supported by the DAP membership plugin. The advantage of this feature is that you just get to draw in and keep membership subscribers from alternative components of the globe.

Content Dripping: With the DAP membership plugin, you’ll be able to set contents to drip at any given measure of your alternative. it’s ideal for website directors WHO don’t need to unleash all their content to members at a time. you’ll be able to set virtually any sort of content to drip, as well as diary pages/posts, audio files, video files, images, etc.

Content Synchronization: instead of dripping contents one by one, the DAP membership plugin enables you to synchronize contents and drip all of them quickly or at the same time. you’ll synchronize online pages, email contents, or alternative files for more practical and quicker performance.

Tru-Protector: The Tru-Protector feature makes it potential for users of this plugin to shield any file at any location. This feature ensures that internet supply files and alternative vital files square measured safe and secure. It additionally incorporates a transfer protection feature that secures random files with totally different file extensions, including .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, .zip, and others.

Secure RSS Feeds: Digital Access Pass membership plugin enables you to secure your website’s RSS feed. It makes your RSS feeds personal and solely accessible to approved website members. The DAP membership plugin problems a novel Feed Key to every member for access to the RSS feeds, and members will customize the contents on the market to them from the RSS feeds. This feature includes integral feed sharing protection that stops members from sharing the feed contents with others by lockup down the account of such members.

Built-in Affiliate System: website directors World Health Organization need to launch an associate affiliate program will do therefore mistreatment the DAP membership plugin. there’s no have to be compelled to install an associate affiliate plugin on your WordPress website. Therefore, website members will simply register affiliate accounts and facilitate heralding new members via referrals.

Sneak-Peek: The Sneak-Peek feature will allow you to build your SEO and attract additional website members. It shows 0.5 of the contents of your website post or content with the ‘More’ tag. once guests click on additional, it redirects them to register or subscribe to read the total content. they’re probably to continue if the Sneak-Peek kindles their interest.

Shopping Cart: The Digital Access Pass membership plugin options a go-cart that permits website members to buy with ease. web site directors will do 1-Click or 2-Click upsells further as 1-Click downsells via multiple payment gateways. Therefore, you’ll set one-time offers further to form payments and buying processes easy for each member and director.

Auto Cancellations: All cancellations dispensed by website members square measure automatically, and website directors don’t need to do any work. The plugin mechanically restricts such members from accessing website content quickly. A post-cancellation access feature makes it potential for website members to access content once cancellation if approved by the positioning directors.

Offline Payment: This plugin permits you to settle for payments via offline strategies like bank transfer, deposit, or different online payment gateways not featured. It saves cookies once a member initiates any payment method and stores the meant payment quantity. The plugin makes it simple for you to enter these offline payments into the system as if they’ve been created online.

PayPal Payment Support: With the DAP membership plugin you’ll receive payments via PayPal. Personal or business PayPal accounts can work and integrate simply with the DAP membership plugin. web site members will pay for subscriptions or purchases victimization their PayPal accounts or credit cards. Once the dealings are approved, the money is debited from their PayPal account.

Stripe Payment Support: you’ll receive payments via Stripe with this membership plugin. web site members will pay for subscriptions or purchases directly from their Stripe accounts or victimization credit cards. Once the DAP approves the dealings, the money is debited into your Stripe account. yet, you’ll use any Stripe account with the DAP membership plugin.

Coupon System: A featured coupon system allows you to settle for coupon codes by members for a given payment discount. you’ll be able to implement this feature on PayPal, Stripe, and regular MasterCard payments.

Built-in Email Broadcaster: The DAP membership plugin incorporates an intrinsic email broadcaster. website} directors will build use of this feature to send custom emails to any or all site members or elect members. AN auto-responder feature with Amazon SES allows you to set automatic response emails and schedule them for delivery at any time.

CSV Import: you’ll be able to import a CSV list from any third-party code on your laptop. The import feature allows you to access and work with such lists directly on the plugin.

Forum Integration: The plugin works with all WordPress forum plugins, together with fashionable ones like bbPress, SimplePress, BuddyPress, and XenForo.

Third-party Email Server Support: The plugin supports the utilization of third-party email servers. Supported email servers embrace Mandrillus sphinx App, Amazon SES, SMTP, and AuthSMTP. This makes it doable for you to send a lot of emails and not worry concerning causation limits related to your host webmail.

No Limits: No limit related to any of the options provided by the DAP membership plugin. you’ll be able to sell an infinite quantity of merchandise and services, settle for an infinite quantity of members, broadcast an infinite quantity of emails, and more.

Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Plans And Pricing

Digital Access Pass Membership is accessible in four totally different valuation plans, that include:

DAP 1-SITE: $227 one-time payment

  • DAP 1-Site license
  • Content Dripping
  • Affiliate Module
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Email Autoresponder
  • 1-year DAP Upgrades and Support
DAP UNLIMITED SITES: $297 one-time payment


  • All options of the DAP 1-SITE arrange
  • DAP Unlimited Sites license

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP: $39.99 per month once beaked monthly


  • All options of the DAP Unlimited Sites
  • DAP and WCP Unlimited Sites license
  • 2 Hour caretaker Setup tooltip
  • Strategy & group action tooltip
  • Free one Hour Premium Support
  • (CCP)
  • (SSP)
  • (S3MV)
  • DAP price tag (help desk)
  • FB Share To Unlock (FSTU)
  • (FLM)
  • DAP2DAP (D2D)
  • DAP Header Login (DHL)
  • IPN sends
  • DAP Social Login (DSL)
  • DAP Connect (DC)
  • Unlimited Free Installations tooltip
  • Lifetime WCP and DAP Upgrades and Support

ELITE MEMBERSHIP: $49.99 per month once beaked monthly


All options of the noble metal membership set up

  • (SPC)
  • credit score (Gamification)
  • (SSP)

Note: All four evaluation plans go with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers will cancel their subscription anytime at intervals of the primary thirty days and find paid back fully.

1. Memberpress

MemberPress could be a fashionable WordPress membership plugin employed by several WordPress shoppers. it’s comparatively straightforward to put in and got wind of to be used. it’s some top-notch options that build a wonderful difference from the DAP membership plugin.

MemberPress enables you to receive payments from website members or subscribers via many payment gateways a bit like DAP. It supports PayPal and it additionally supports the Stripe payment gateways.

The plugin enables you to prohibit content to non-subscribers or non-members of your website. you’ll additionally prohibit content, like web content, posts, tags, files, etc. supported member standing et al..

MemberPress additionally supports content dripping and coupons in similar ways in which, just like the DAP membership plugin.

Besides, MemberPress supports mail and forum integration. you’ll additionally use it with forum plugins like BuddyPress et al. to form a forum.

MemberPress integrates well with mail services like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, etc. The plugin is compatible with Amazon net Services for improved website management.

2. a member pro

Another wide used membership plugin is the Member professional plugin. although not primarily designed for WordPress, you’ll use it to form a membership website on WordPress CMS, and on alternative platforms.

Using the plugin is simple. It allows you to register an infinite quantity of members/subscribers and sell an infinite quantity of products/services.

A simple management panel makes managing members, subscribers, and their purchases terribly easy. you’ll prohibit contents and files, read reports, drip contents, and additional exploitation of the aMember professional plugin.

The plugin options a pushcart associated with an email account. A facilitate table is out there, therefore members/subscribers will simply send out complaints. It additionally allows you to register and manage affiliate members.

You can receive payment via totally different payment gateways with aMember professional, and it additionally options a coupon system. It supports English and 6 alternative international languages, as well as French, German, and Chinese.

3. Wishlist Member

This membership plugin is absolutely compatible with WordPress CMS. With WishList Member, you’ll convert any website to a membership web site. putting in the plugin to be used is incredibly straightforward, and it comes with heaps of fantastic options. A obtaining Started Wizard runs you thru the installation and setup method, therefore it’s completed in no time.

The plugin options a well-detailed dashboard from wherever you’ll manage all members and subscribers. you’ll read all obtainable members, their payment/subscriptions, and their membership standing. the amount of members and levels you’ll register on WishList is additionally unlimited.

With WishList, members will defend their content with simply one click. Also, you’ll defend any content, and you’ll prohibit members’ access to such content.

WishList conjointly options content dripping and sneak-peek show similar to DAP. many payment platforms are unit obtainable on WishList Member, as well as in style ones like PayPal, ClickBank, and Stripe.

WishList Member permits one-time and revenant payments/subscriptions from subscribers.

The plugin supports third-party email subscribers like MailChimp, arpReach, Infusionsoft, Drip, and plenty of a lot of.

4. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot could be a multi-functional package that will over membership management. It works as a drag-and-drop website builder therefore you’ll build your membership website directly with it. The package provides you with themes and enables you to produce completely different membership sections.

Also, Wild Apricot processes payments created with credit cards and PayPal. It will hold payment details for revenant payments and subscriptions. Once payment is formed, it mechanically sends out invoices and updates the member profiles consequently.

You can conjointly use Wild Apricot to sell event tickets. The package options a straightforward email system via that you’ll simply send and receive emails from customers. There would be no want for accessing your mail via alternative mail servers.

The package encompasses a mobile app that produces membership management easier. you’ll access all of its options directly from your mobile device, and your website members/subscribers will do an equivalent.

5. StarChapter

The star chapter software package makes association management terribly simple. it’s an easy software package with spectacular options that set it except alternative membership plugins. The membership management portal is correct in providing details of website members and subscribers.

You can use the StarChapter to manage different kinds of content, together with journal posts, pages, forums, and media files. you’ll be able to prohibit content for non-site members or non-subscribers.

You can even use it to form AN eCommerce website wherever you’ll be able to expeditiously sell your product and services to guests. Payment is firmly processed, and you have got a good variety of payment gateways to settle on.

This software package is additionally helpful for event management. It allows you to sell event tickets on your website thus folks will register for such events and create bookings. you’ll be able to additionally collect newsletters and send automatic email invites, reminders, etc. to multiple persons right away.

6. Membermouse

The MemberMouse plugin will be plenty once it involves membership management. It provides you with a management portal wherever you’ll be able to manage your membership website with efficiency.

Selling products/services, collecting subscribers, and registering members square measure a number of the tasks you’ll be able to do simply with the MemberMouse membership plugin.

MembershipMouse enables you to defend website contents victimization passwords in a manner that allows solely approved members to access the location contents. you’ll be able to conjointly use the MemberMouse to schedule content to drip at any given time.

Nevertheless, MemberMouse supports upsells and downsells and conjointly makes it easier with the employment of SmartTags. It options support automation such as customers will manage their accounts themselves while not involving the location directors.

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