16 Best Dataedo Alternatives In 2022 (A Definitive Guide)

16 Best Dataedo Alternatives In 2022

(A Definitive Guide)

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Best Dataedo Alternatives

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1. Microsoft Azure Data Catalog

Dataedo may be a useful gizmo. however, it’s some limitations, particularly if you’re trying to find an information cataloging tool that will be integrated together with your atomic number 83 tools or processes.
Microsoft Azure knowledge Catalog may be a lot of comprehensive knowledge cataloging resolution compared to Dataedo. It’s an excellent difference from Dataedo on several fronts.
Azure knowledge Catalog integrates with most of the ETL and atomic number 83 technologies, as well as Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, Power question, Hadoop, Spark, and lots of a lot of.
It allows users to feature code snippets to their entries so as to create them determinable for your knowledge engineering groups.
Azure knowledge Catalog additionally provides arthropod genera that will be accustomed integrate it with the other technology or method.
Azure knowledge Catalog provides enterprise-grade security that allows users to regulate United Nations agency will access the catalog and its elements of it. Users will manage what info concerning their entries gets shared with people, or maybe hide entries from specific users altogether.
This gives business stakeholders the liberty to share info concerning their assets with no risk of exposing non-public info like information processing addresses or passwords.
Microsoft Azure knowledge Catalog may be a free service.

2. Alation Data Catalog

An alation information Catalog could be an information catalog answer that aims to assist organizations to discover, understanding, and trust their information by curating and maintaining information assets.
It provides a platform wherever users will look for all their information sources and build elaborate, unjust descriptions of the organization’s information assets, as well as tables, columns, fields, and reports.
Like Dataedo, Alation permits you to form a central repository of your information assets and collaborate along with your team through documentation like glossaries, business rules, and lineage.
It additionally contains a feature for making custom information sources to document the business logic in-built the ETL tool or information Warehouse.
This option permits you to use Alation as a tool for data creation and as an inside knowledge domain for your organization.
Subscription to Alation + twenty-five creators hosting Alation information Catalog prices $198.00 p.a.

3. Collibra Data Catalog

The Collibra information Catalog could be a business-oriented information wordbook, with a spotlight on providing business definitions for all information sources. The catalog is intended to be straightforward to use and doesn’t need technical skills like SQL or cryptography.
Like Dataedo, it permits users to document their information assets and supply data management, impact analysis, and information governance.
Collibra information Catalog’s main blessings over Dataedo square measure its easy use (especially for non-technical users), intuitive interface, and advanced options within the areas of knowledge governance and data management.
It is the sole product in its class with complete coverage across all enterprise information sources, regardless of wherever they reside on-premise or within the cloud. This includes structured, semi-structured, unstructured, streaming, and large information sources.
There aren’t any rating details on their website however you’ll contact support for an updated rating.

4. Informatica

Informatica is the most well-liked tool used for ETL functions. Like Dataedo, it’s a retardant and drop program, that makes it terribly simple to use. additionally, to it, Informatica has nice transformation capabilities which may be used in any form of organization.
Informatica primarily permits you to simply manage the massive amounts of information that you simply have generated from your varied sources and then integrate them into one helpful format in order that you’ll be able to build additional purposeful use of it. it’s a full variety of options that area unit designed to form this progress as simple as doable.
Informatica may be a sensible different to Dataedo for building documentation for your SQL Server databases. It’s particularly helpful if you would like to document a group of databases that aren’t held on within the same repository (like on totally different|completely different} servers with different authentication options).
Informatica permits you to attach to multiple information servers promptly and generates documentation for all databases while not having to try to do it one by one.

5. Erwin Data Intelligence

Erwin information Intelligence may be an information governance platform that allows organizations to find, manage, and firmly share information assets and lead data-driven selections. It helps organizations perceive wherever their information resides, however it’s used, and World Health Organization has access.
Erwin information Intelligence will collect and manage all of your information assets, regardless of wherever they live. It delivers one read of all of your information and makes it simple to spot information relationships, gain consistency across information sources, and perceive the business that means of information usage.
Erwin information Intelligence improves the standard of your assets by mechanically detective work duplicate values and fixing them. you’ll be able to maintain relationships between business terms, descriptions, and definitions to boost the clarity of your facility.
The software package includes the power to export information into varied formats, together with markup language and PDF, so you’ll be able to share info among your organization.

6. Semaphore

Semaphore could be a well-known Dataedo various with the simplicity of the program that permits effective knowledge management.
It helps to manage knowledge for many styles of databases and therefore, it’s become the foremost and most popular tool for analysts and developers.
Semaphore supports each Cloud and on-premise installation. It comes in 2 versions: Starter, which is free, and professional, which is paid.
The free version has restricted options like unlimited users, 5 coincident builds, unlimited comes, 2GB RAM/2 CPU, ten comes per user, and 2 hours of build time/month.
Semaphore offers subscription valuation for various plans: free, standard, and premium. The free setup includes 2 personal comes and 5 coincident jobs with unlimited minutes per month.

7. IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson information Catalog is an associate enterprise information catalog that helps analysts and scientists realize, understand, and trust the info they have to accelerate their analytics initiatives.
All the info in a corporation is enriched with data so organized into catalogs. you’ll develop your catalogs or use industry-specific ones (e.g., finance or healthcare).
It has intrinsical connectors to several information sources (including databases, cloud storage, and social media) and includes a variety of tools for exploring information and collaborating thereon.
The product includes intrinsical tools for information quality management, information governance, information lineage, and audit capabilities to assist you to manage compliance needs.
It provides one place for information groups to gather, curate, govern, share, and collaborate on their information assets.
IBM Watson information Catalog is made for enterprises that wish to make an additional trusty, relevant, and productive atmosphere for their information groups to figure with information.

8. ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence

ASG Enterprise knowledge Intelligence resolution (ASG DI) could be a software package resolution that leverages distributed knowledge storage and process to modify enterprises to realize insights from their knowledge.
ASG DI performs analytics at close to a period of time speeds victimization of patent-pending technology.
It combines the high performance of in-memory solutions with the info persistence of on-disk solutions whereas maintaining the quantifiability and suppleness of a distributed system.
This allows you to use an equivalent system for your batch analytics and your period of time analytics.
ASG DI is meant to modify access to, integrate, and analyze all enterprise knowledge from one platform. It works as a one-stop buy knowledge scientists UN agency will leverage the ability of advanced analytics to drive insights, improve choices, and advocate actions over a period of time.
It sources and integrates knowledge from multiple systems: structured and unstructured. It leverages relationships between knowledge, as well as user roles and entitlements, to access specific user sorts (e.g., analysts and end-users).
For example, ASG DI is accustomed supply data regarding suppliers’ quality performance metrics from associate enterprise resources coming up with the system, client complaints from a client relationship management system, and merchandise comes back rates from an online analytics system.

9. Talend for Metadata Management

Talend for information Management, a pre-built resolution hopped up by Talend’s market-leading integration platform, provides a comprehensive, time period resolution for enterprise information management.
This resolution simplifies and accelerates the method of information management with improved visibility, collaboration, and governance processes.
Metadata is the foundation of business intelligence and information management initiatives and, therefore, a crucial part of deciding.
By permitting users to manage information throughout the complete information lifecycle, Talend provides complete visibility into all information parts across a corporation.
Talend for information Management permits you to outline and document all information assets related to your organization’s sources and targets, track their usage, enforce best practices, and guarantee quality. It conjointly ensures centralized management and access to any or all key information governance documents.
Talend establishes standardized business rules which may be managed from a central purpose of management and mechanically propagated to any or all applications concerned in the production process.
It eliminates manual processes related to different solutions, thereby streamlining long tasks like manual committal to writing or handoffs between totally different systems.

10. Octopai

Octopai is an automatic information management platform that permits analysts, business users, and knowledge professionals to seek out and perceive their enterprise knowledge.
It is additionally a unified information management platform that permits enterprises to find, understand, analyze, govern, and manage all of their enterprise knowledge assets and is much higher than Dataedo, here’s why:
Octopai permits organizations to trace table-level lineage and monitor changes to the tables’ definitions over time.
Octopai provides comprehensive traceability from supply databases through the Bi layer (e.g., knowledge marts) to business-reports/dashboards. It identifies tables that aren’t in use or that square measure employed by recent applications.
Octopai mechanically discovers and presents all relevant info concerning the info sources and objects inside those sources.
Octopai integrates with multiple knowledge sources, from on-premise relative databases like Teradata, Netezza, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, SAP HANA, or Snowflake, to cloud-based analytical platforms like Amazon Redshift or Google huge question.
websiteUnlike Dataedo, Octopai includes a novel AI-based formula that uses deep learning technology to enhance accuracy in analyzing enterprise knowledge assets.

11. Accurity Software Suite

Accurity computer code Suite may be a powerful tool that may modify however you are doing business. It provides you a whole summary of your entire organization, creating it straightforward to seek out what would like|you would like|you wish} after you need it.
You don’t have to be compelled to waste time exploring through piles of work or addressing unresponsive IT workers. you just access what you wish from any place within the world, victimization any device.
Accurity computer code Suite allows you to run your business with efficiency, manage comes effectively and improve profitableness. It’s intuitive and straightforward to use, therefore you don’t have to be compelled to be an AN professional.
The suite offers money management tools like invoicing, billing, and accounts collectible. It conjointly provides project management tools like task lists, time pursuit, and milestones further as support tools like FAQs, aid documentation, and user forums.
The Accurity computer code Suite differentiates itself from different computer code packages like Dataedo by providing a mixture of extraordinarily troublesome skills to seek out in a very single firm.
Many corporations will give glorious technical and business skills however typically have very little expertise with execution or operations. Likewise, several corporations have deep operations experience but fail to understand the strategic importance of technical innovations.

12. Syniti Knowledge Platform

Syniti data Platform may be a knowledge catalog tool that helps enterprises organize their knowledge, sanctioning business users and developers to find, understand, and govern their organization’s knowledge assets.
Syniti data Platform has 3 main components:
Data Intelligence: Search through unstructured and structured knowledge repositories for relevant content. This element includes the employment of AI-based search and linguistic communication process (NLP) technologies to enhance search performance.
Data Catalog: Discover data across all enterprise knowledge assets, making one supply of truth for the business. This element includes each automatic and manual data curation tool.
Data Governance: Manage access to enterprise knowledge assets, with options like linkage mapping and impact analysis of changes to enterprise knowledge assets (e.g., ETL transformations).
By sanctioning quicker time to insight and automation, Syniti data Platform will facilitate increased productivity, improve knowledge quality and dependableness, scale back risk, and accelerate digital transformation comes.
Syniti may be a free platform.

13. Anzo (Cambridge Semantics)

Anzo could be graph information. meaning it uses nodes and edges to store information instead of tables and rows. If you’re already at home with different graph databases, you may realize several of the constant options in AnzoGraph that you just already apprehend and love.
If you’re unaccustomed to graph databases, don’t worry — we’ll make a case for everything you wish to understand.
AnzoGraph encompasses a powerful command language known as SPARQL. this is often the suggested thanks to moving with the information since it permits you to utilize AnzoGraph’s optimizations and distributed capabilities.
It creates diagrams, generates HTML5 documentation, and exports information dictionaries to PDF.
It is a superb variety to Dataedo as a result of it supports additional information varieties and is additional friendly to use.
It permits you to document databases and different sources like Excels or CSV files. Anzo will generate static hypertext mark-up language documentation and transfer it to your website.

14. Adaptive Metadata Manager

Adaptive information Manager could be an information integration platform associate degree and an enterprise-grade information management tool.
It is designed to assist you with each information discovery and governance, cataloging all the information from databases, business intelligence platforms, information warehouses, data lakes, and alternative systems on-premises or within the cloud.
To provide a whole understanding of your information landscape and information assets, reconciling information Manager offers one supply for all of your information.
You can use it to navigate through the information hierarchy, manage and enrich the quality descriptions, outline gloss terms, and relationships, produce custom views of the catalog content (for totally different departments or projects) and generate reports on any information element (such as info table structures and column definitions), similarly as alter multiple processes associated with information management.
The reconciling information Manager could be a tool that enables you to form reusable information packages.
It uses an equivalent modeling technique as Dataedo, however, its main advantage is storing massive amounts of information in exceeding info and writing them.

15. data. world

data.world, a social network for knowledge scientists, has created 3 of its options accessible to any or all users, as well as complete datasets, file storage, and the unlimited public comes.
data.world permits organizations and people to host their knowledge within the cloud, to be shared and reused by others.
It conjointly offers knowledge cataloging, profiling, and discovery capabilities, as well as coding-free recommendation engines to find new datasets supported by what you’re already exploiting.
Data is kept in Associate in Nursing ASCII text file format (CSV) with custom information that different tools will use like Tableau, Microsoft stands out, or maybe plain recent SQL databases.
Privacy settings permit you to manage United Nations agencies will see your data; paid plans permit personal sharing. There’s even an intrinsic community forum to raise different users’ queries worldwide.
data.world could be a place for knowledge folks to seek out, use, and collaborate on knowledge comes along. it’s a social network for knowledge folks and a cognitive content of knowledge comes and datasets.
They decided it is “the Wikipedia of knowledge.” produce awe-inspiring interactive visualizations, get unjust insights from your knowledge, and collaborate along with your team in a very fun way!
All of this can be free currently — a minimum of as a preview whereas the service continues to be in beta testing.

16. Solidatus

Solidatus may be a knowledge lineage tool, which suggests it provides a map of all of your knowledge sources and therefore the relationships between them. this suggests that you simply will see however knowledge flows through your enterprise.
Solidatus is exclusive in permitting users to outline their data model from the bottom up.
It conjointly permits for a broad variety of integration choices with alternative systems inside the enterprise. this permits for extremely economical mapping of your existing knowledge design inside Solidatus.
The tool permits you to map every single step of your knowledge flow so you’ll be able to determine bottlenecks and opportunities for scaling up or down.
Use Solidatus to check your knowledge relationships and knowledge lineage to know how your knowledge flows through the organization.
Unlike Dataedo, Solidatus includes an intrinsical viewer that enables you to simply navigate through knowledge. It’s conjointly terribly simple to draw relationships from one item to a different, it teaches you the way to use their tool after you 1st check-in for his or her website.
Identify knowledge quality problems, and interact with the business to know what’s operating well, what isn’t, and what desires change.
Make selections concerning whether or not mistreatment bequest systems is well worth the price or whether or not modernizing may well be simpler.

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