15 Best Websites Like SparkNotes in 2022 (A Definitive Guide)

15 Best Websites Like SparkNotes in 2022

(A Definitive Guide)

If you’re searching for how to check and learn new things added with efficiency, SparkNotes may be a platform wherever you’ll get study guides that embody literature, history, film, and photography.

Harvard students started the platform, and despite the fact that it’s been around for a moment, there are several competitor platforms that may be price a glance.

While SparkNotes provides awfully economical thanks to studying literature, may|it’d|it would} not be the neatest alternative since learning from summaries might lead individuals to interpret facts otherwise from the author.

However, these fifteen best websites, like SparkNotes, do a rather higher job at keeping such learning practicality ideal for each the scholars and also the lecturers to create everyone’s job easier.

Best Websites Like SparkNotes

With such a lot of places to search out literature and find facilitate learning and finding out, these picks below are like SparkNotes and are a minimum of higher at one or 2 things than SparkNotes, thus verify every website before selecting one.


BookRags may be a similar website to SparkNotes that’s created for each student and lecturer. It revolves around serving to everybody perceive literature in a better approach.

With BookRags, you’ll be able to notice study guides and teaching resources and even get on the forum to raise queries, flick through in-style queries, and notice the answers you’re searching for. These squares measure a number of the items you can’t notice at SparkNotes that create the largest distinction between these 2 picks.

BookRags includes elaborate character guides, plot reviews, and even theme details for every work. On high of that, you’ll be able to simply notice each fictional and non-fictional book aboard lesson plans for each book that’s announced online.

BookRags also can facilitate essays, bios, and preparation. even if the website hasn’t had a facelift in an exceedingly while, registration is easy, and you’ll be able to simply notice your approach around the website and books, because of the exceptional navigation.

If you’re arbitrarily searching for literature and guides, BookRags includes a “new” section wherever they browse the newest guides, lesson plans, and books thus you’ll be able to ne’er run out of concepts.

There’s even a neighborhood wherever you’ll be able to get facilitate together with your preparation which is another issue that SparkNotes doesn’t embody.


LitCharts is another helpful website like SparkNotes, and also the most fascinating factor regarding this website is that SparkNotes creators created it.

The point of LitCharts is to assist students to save time whereas experiencing less stress once longing for many literature guides, terms, trendy translations, and citation sources.

There are nearly two,000 downloadable guides. every guide comes with elaborated explanations and easier navigation through them due to a wise page list system.

LitCharts is additionally one of the simplest at providing literary terms and devices, which may even be downloaded as PDF files. All of this is often organized in a very far better method than SparkNotes, thus LitCharts will assist you to improve your productivity which may create a large distinction.

But wherever LitCharts extremely excels is the trendy translation of a number of the most-known items of literature, like each poet’s play or literary work.

LitCharts is fairly simple to use, and most significantly, it continues growing in size, with new books being adscititious on a weekly basis. And apart from the quality works you’ll be able to realize on sites like SparkNotes, LitCharts adds themes, terms, and alternative sorts of literature to seek out specifically what you’re searching for.

Another helpful factor is the citation generator which may save students a great deal of labor. If you have got a tough time finding one thing, LitCharts conjointly includes a wise program engineered into the platform to assist students to keep productive even within the preparation section.


JSTOR is thought of as a digital library wherever you’ll access primary sources that embody pictures for any piece of literature you explore for. These sources additionally embody design, maps, images, and far additional you’ll use together with your work.

Compared to SparkNotes, JSTOR’s specialization in pictures and media you’ll use together with your literature is the biggest distinction and is, of course, JSTOR’s strength during this comparison. And whereas SparkNotes incorporates a tight take a look at homework tool, JSTOR offers additional tools like a space, text analyzer, and additional area unit mentioned below.

These options will facilitate students to broaden their search and find additional results than merely guides and lessons.

The books area unit is organized by subject, title, publisher, and assortment, however, you’ll even realize works of literature by pictures that are beneficial if you keep in mind the quilt however don’t keep in mind the author or the name of the book.

But what’s even additional fascinating is that JSTOR includes some tools that are unit rare to visualize on websites like SparkNotes. These tools embody a space, text analyzer, knowledge for analysis, associate degree even an understanding series.

On high of all that, JSTOR has a sophisticated program wherever you’ll hunt journals, books, primary sources, and even pictures.

No matter what proportion of material you discover, you’ll forever be able to keep organized by saving the articles to simply return them on the website, making folders for higher organization, and even commerce bound sources to possess them directly on your pc.


If you’re searching for a free website just like SparkNotes, wherever you’ll be able to realize summaries, lessons, literature, and more, WikiSummaries is the right selection. However, the largest distinction is that WikiSummaries is absolutely free and there are not any upgraded memberships to unlock additional content.

WikiSummaries is choked with nice books that keep company with summaries, and its information solely continues to grow with time.

The website operates terribly merely, and you’ll be able to search the books by author or do your own custom search mistreatment the integrated program.

The on-the-market books embody Shakespeare’s works, however, you’ll be able to additionally realize a good variety of fiction, non-fiction, and business books yet. you furthermore may get to kind everything by character or place which is one among the foremost helpful options you don’t typically see on websites just like SparkNotes.

There is additionally a good variety of business books that isn’t one thing you usually realize on SparkNotes, thus this distinction makes WikiSummaries a stronger work if you’re when business literature.

Also, WikiSummaries is one of the best websites to use since it provides a fast and simple navigation menu that allows you to explore and realize nearly any book you’re searching for.


Shmoop is a complicated website just like SparkNotes however with masses a lot to supply. Shmoop has sections for college kids, teachers, parents, and faculties.

Shmoop breaks down complicated items of literature with humor to form learning easier, which could be a distinctive approach that isn’t seen elsewhere. This makes the educational method a lot of fun, regardless of how rigorous it’s.

Compared to SparkNotes, this can be the most important distinction and one among Shmoop’s strengths. Shmoop is additionally heaped a lot of versatile than SparkNotes which might be heaped a lot of helpful within the long haul.

With thousands of video guides, you won’t be buried in the text. Instead, you’ll have a lot of centered span since Shmoop is organized to deliver boring content extraordinarily well.

Alongside the educational material, Shmoop has tools that may prepare you for tests via courses, study guides, etc.

While students invariably come back initial on this platform, academics conjointly get the assistance they have to show students far more with efficiency. And if academics find themselves feeling Shmoop’s facilitate, they’ll suggest Shmoop to their territorial division since their square measure packages are obtainable.


If you wish to facilitate novels, reports, essays, tutoring, or communication preparation, however, you don’t have a budget, Novelguide is one of the most effective websites, similar to SparkNotes.

At Novelguide, you’ll realize recent guides additionally to the classics, like poets.

With a robust program that enables you to search out your college and directly get novels instructed in your college, you’ll quickly realize everything you’re searching for.

However, you’ll conjointly rummage around for novels, essays, and alternative items of literature in alphabetical order otherwise you will merely use the advanced program integrated into the website.

But one among the most effective things regarding Novelguide is that the forum wherever you’ll raise queries, realize answers and communicate with alternative students or maybe lecturers World Health Organization pays time at Novelguide.

On high of all that, Novelguide is unengaged to use. you’ll even register for a free account. In return, you’ll solely need to trot out a few ads on the website.


GradeSaver could be a nice different to SparkNotes if you wish to facilitate with essays and study guides to boost your grades.

GradeSaver has a number of the very best quality study guides written and emended by Harvard students.

Some of the foremost style study guides embody Frankenstein, The Odyssey, and therefore the Hunger Games, whereas GradeSaver perpetually contributes to the website with new study guides.

GradeSaver additionally features a section of queries and answers wherever students will raise queries and acquire answers to them. the foremost common queries area unit printed therefore everybody else will realize the answers quickly.

On high of that, GradeSaver includes redaction services that area unit ideal as a result of it helps students end writing their essays with criticism supposed to assist them to improve their grades or a computer.


eNotes is the best place to travel to be told regarding any book or get answers to specific queries you’ve got in mind.

This platform has nearly every necessary book for a student to summarize, analyze, and reason. Notes and summaries for these books embody in-depth guides filled with facts and may facilitate each student to perceive the theme, characters, story, etc.

Besides the foremost well-liked guides for books like Hamlet, the nice Gatsby, and To Kill an oscine bird, eNotes conjointly introduces new and updated guides for additional books.

There is conjointly info with nearly four hundred,000 answered queries, therefore you’ll use the computer program to search out answers to queries you may have quickly. And if you don’t realize the solution you’re searching for, you’ll post an issue yourself.

Besides study guides, notes conjointly options annotated texts, schoolwork facilitates, and resources for academics.

All it takes is to input a keyword into the computer program, and you’ll quickly get on your thanks to learning in an exceedingly additional productive method.

Actionable Books

Suppose you’re during grad school learning sensible ideas from the foremost in-style business books. in this case, unjust Books is the best website kind of like SparkNotes that’s specifically created for business students.

At unjust Books, you’ll notice summaries from over a thousand business books. you’ll additionally hear consultants, conversations, and podcasts, and even purchase books.

You can quickly look for the book you’re trying to find victimization the integrated computer program, however, if you ever desire you’re stuck or want any of your queries answered, unjust Books features a Connect feature wherever you’ll connect with alternative students and sometimes some academics United Nations agency pay time at unjust Books.

However, if you lack motivation or inspiration or are trying to be told one thing new while not reading one page, business podcasts on the market directly at unjust Books are the simplest places to go to.


Suppose you’re not solely searching for summaries however instead, you would like to scan the book as quickly as potential. therein case, Blinkist is that the right decision for you.

Blinkist helps you gain a lot of data in less time via an associate app that’s ideal for those that area unit continuously busy and doesn’t have time to sit down and browse a book.

This app will assist you to scan or hear books on the go. whereas you’ll scan and hear full books, short casts of the foremost standard books will assist you similar to summaries will.

The best issue concerning Blinkist is that they need books on something, as well as politics, creativity, economics, education, science, personal development, philosophy, and lots of others.

If you aren’t searching for a particular book, Blinkist can continuously assist you to realize inspiration. All you have got to try to do is click the class you’re inquisitive about and Blinkist’s rule can assist you to realize the books appropriate for you.

So whereas SparkNotes is right if you recognize what you’re searching for, compared to Blinkist, you’ll get a lot of inspiration on the means, that is Blinkist’s biggest advantage during this comparison.


CliffsNotes could be a platform that helps students explore, study, and review their work by providing literature notes, test prep, and study guides.

There’s a strong program that will assist you to notice something on the market on the CliffsNotes website in exactly seconds. However, you’ll be able to additionally use classes to search out your manner around the website.

The Featured section is packed with helpful data which will give a fast beginning, and also the Trending Notes section will place you on the correct path, as you would possibly be searching for common items of literature.

Including fast Reviews, CliffsNotes will assist you quickly refreshing your data, learning new things, and finding yourself prepared for any check or examination. This showing wisdom organized section of CliffsNotes is used comparatively quickly, which doesn’t solely improve productivity, however, can even improve your confidence before taking the associate degree examination.

But what you’ll be able to notice at CliffsNotes, that you just possibly can’t notice at different similar websites, area unit test-taking methods for the Sabbatum, Praxis, GRE, ACT, and even the GMAT, among different tests. each SparkNotes and CliffsNotes give check schoolwork, however, CliffsNotes provides a rather higher advantage by providing a lot of tests combined with fast reviews.


If you’re behind with work and you haven’t even started reading the book, otherwise you don’t have enough time to complete the book you started, Instaread will be a lifesaver.

Instead, maybe a number of platforms have summarized a number of the foremost common books into 15-minute listening sessions. This approach helps students by unlocking loads of data in a {very} very short amount of your time. Students also can realize inspiration and find things finished faculty, even once on the go.

Since you’ll be able to use Instaread as AN app on your smartphone and supply audio notes and summaries, you’ll be able to quickly catch up and learn once you’re moving or area unit busy.

However, detain mind that Instaread provides books and their summaries in a very written format also, therefore you usually have an alternative. therefore whereas each Instaread and SparkNotes offer a written format, Instaread excels at providing AN audio format also, which is the biggest distinction between the 2.

While you’ll be able to use a research engine to search out a book you’re once, you’ll be able to additionally use the foremost common section to search out fascinating books to scan and additionally classes which will be useful if you’re searching for inspiration.


Readingraphics is ever-changing the means we tend to consume data and gain data from books. This platform is the world’s 1st platform to supply and supply infographic summaries.

You can examine a whole book on just one page with these infographic summaries. With powerful visuals, you’ll visualize the books even higher than your imagination might if you scan the book yourself.

This is the most important advantage over sites like SparkNotes since it will facilitate folks to consume and memorize data quickly, and conjointly gain data additional simply.

Aside from the one-page infographics, you’ll conjointly make the most often 15-page text summaries or twenty-minute audiobook summaries.

On high of all that, Readingraphics options an upscale journal with many contents and a library filled with materials wherever you’ll learn from the most effective, absorb additional insights, improve the means you learn, and even customize your learning expertise.

Even though Readingraphics isn’t unengaged to use, it offers free samples and is cheap, thus it’s ideal for college students.

With a strong computer program integrated into the website, you’ll quickly notice a favorite book in a very learning format of your alternative.

 Get Abstract

If you’re searching for the simplest thanks to learning from books within the shortest amount of your time, getAbstract could be a nice selection.

getAbstract provides summarized professional data in a quarter-hour or less, and it’s ideal for people, like students and lecturers, or organizations, like faculties or firms.

While SparkNotes provides companion articles and full texts, getAbstract makes it faster and easier to be told in a very shorter timeframe.

What’s thus completely different regarding getAbstract is that it doesn’t solely summarize books, however, it conjointly summarizes podcasts, articles, and different kinds of content you’ll realize on the net that’s typically too long to consume quickly.

getAbstract provides summaries in written or audio formats. Once you create a few initial picks, you’ll get customized suggestions on what else you’ll make the most of.

But what’s thus nice regarding getAbstract is that it’s created to figure in one in every of 2 ways in which. you’ll either get steering that’s ideal for trying skilled challenges bit-by-bit, otherwise you will opt for a reflective approach that may assist you to grow your understanding of the subject by intense data quickly.

With dozens of classes and editor’s picks, if you’re not searching for one thing specific, you’ll forever be able to realize inspiration and one thing that may encourage you to be told.

getAbstract changes the method we have a tendency to learn and consume data so it doesn’t feel “old-school.” Instead, it’ll take you plenty less time, that is simply one in every one of its benefits


Soundview may be a nice platform just like SparkNotes, which largely focuses on sound notes and summaries of thousands of books. whereas SparkNotes solely focuses on literature in a written format, Soundview makes it easier to consume and learn the content.

These audios offer you insight into bestselling books that saves you time and provides you with summaries that assist you to learn everything regarding the book.

Not solely can you recognize what the book is regarding, however, you’ll conjointly gain actual price from it, even if you won’t be absolutely reading it from beginning to end.

Besides the 15-min audio summaries, you’ll conjointly get text summaries that highlight the book’s best ideas. This feature is good for online-learning students and even groups or professionals wanting forward to thriving in their field.

Even though Soundview isn’t free, it’s terribly cheap yearly plans that square measure ideal even for college students. And if you’ll get 5 or additional individuals inquisitive about subscribing to Soundview, you’ll get additional discounts.

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