10 Best XName Alternatives To Use In 2022

10 Best XName Alternatives To Use In 2022

10 Best XName Alternatives: Hello my dear friends, in this blog post we will learn about the 10 Best XName Alternatives that will help you a lot, and if you need to know the XName alternatives you will be in right place.
So let’s get started to know the 10 Best XName Alternatives.
XName.org may be a free DNS hosting service. However, it’s not the simplest DNS hosting service, as proved by complaints on forums like this one.
In fact, XName is down as of the writing of this text, as is its partner website Kazar Hosting. it’s not clear whether or not it’s gone offline permanently or whether or not this can be a brief error, however, you’ll check this online standing of XName by checking this website (https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/XName.org.html).
This article can make a case for what XName is (or was) and what DNS hosting is. you may conjointly study ten nice alternatives to XName.

What Is XName? And What Is DNS Hosting?

There’s tons of confusion around what DNS hosting really is. DNS hosting isn’t a constant factor as internet hosting!
Web hosting is the place wherever your website is kept on the net. think about it as a virtual version of a shopfront, sort of a retail building wherever you have got a store and sell stuff.
However, once folks need to access that shopfront, they have to understand a way to get there. this is often wherever DNS (Domain Name Server) hosting comes into play.
DNS hosting is wherever data regarding a way to access your website is kept. think about it as a phone book that contains numbers of stores and other people, except its real info of information science addresses.
Better yet, think about it as an Associate in Nursing operator UN agency your decision after you recognize the name of an individual or business, however, doesn’t recognize their range.
Just like the operator can connect you thereto person or business over the phone, a DNS hosting service connects those that square measure browsing the net to your website/virtual shopfront.
When you get an internet hosting package (which is like dealings a virtual storefront), you’ll have to be compelled to purpose your name to a DNS server (which is like giving the operator your signal or adding it to a phone book thus folks will notice you).
Usually, after you get a site name from a site name registrar, they’re going to give you free DNS hosting thus folks will notice your website on the net.
However, not all name registrars do that, and albeit yours will, you’ll not need to use their DNS hosting because it might not be sensible quality (meaning it’s going to expertise period problems, which is able to stop folks from having the ability to search out and access your website/virtual storefront).
XName.org may be a free DNS hosting service. However, it clearly isn’t the most effective one out there, as a result, the XName website is presently down, preventing users from victimization it properly (though if you would like to line up your own DNS hosting engine you’ll transfer the ASCII text file XName engine from this page, that continues to be present up).
In this article, we’ll think again of the highest ten alternatives to XName that are literally engaging at the instant.
In this article, we’ll check the highest ten alternatives to XName that are literally engaging at the instant.

1. Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare’s DNS hosting services are maybe the foremost accepted. they’re particularly acknowledged for being pretty quick.
Think about it: the number of your time can|it’ll} regard your web content to load on a user’s device will rely upon how briskly they will search your website by causation a DNS request to your DNS hosting supplier.
Cloudflare quickens the request interval by victimization servers placed in strategic locations around the world and creating the use of caching technology to load pages faster.
One of the simplest elements concerning Cloudflare is that not solely is it liberated to use however it’ll not limit DNS queries on a free setup. this suggests that you simply will use it at no cost in spite of what percentage of website guests you’ve got.
You can purpose each main domain and subdomains to the Cloudflare DNS servers. Any website that you simply operate and that you’ve got management over wherever the DNS nameserver’s purpose may be used with Cloudflare.
Cloudflare is additionally a CDN. They cache your website so even though their main servers are down, they will load cached versions of your content on users’ devices, that is what permits them to vow that they’re “Always Online” with nearly no period.
In addition, the caching will facilitate the speed up of the loading of content on users’ devices.
When you use Cloudflare for your DNS hosting services, it’s virtually sure that your website can stay accessible on the net the majority of the time, in contrast to with XName which may not promise you that.
However, the free Cloudflare DNS setup will go along with limits. To start, you may have access to the Content Delivery Network, still as DDoS Attack interference options.
However, for many different options, like the net Application Firewall and cache analytics, you may be got to upgrade to at least one of the paid plans, that begin at simply $20/month. additionally, with the free setup, the common email response rate is twenty-four hours.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap offers a free DNS service that’s pretty sensible. not like XName, they really provide 24/7 technical school support for users of their free DNS hosting service.
The reason Namecheap is doing this can be that they hope that users WHO use their free DNS service can find themselves victimization Namecheap as their main name registrar in the future.
Namecheap, like XName, offers AAAA records support. However, they additionally provide support for A/CNAME/NS/MX/TXT/SRV DNS record sorts.
In addition, they provide email and computer address forwarding for no extra price. DynamicDNS updates are offered freed from charge.
If you would like, you’ll be able to use the Namecheap free DNS service as a backup. this suggests that you just don’t need to create your primary DNS host.
If you already square measure victimization your name registrar’s DNS hosting service or square measure victimization another free DNS hosting service and square measure somewhat afraid that it would expertise period of time and your web site can now not be accessible, having Namecheap’s DNS hosting service as a backup will make sure that your web site remains accessible the least bit times.
Namecheap’s DNS hosting service is free, however, you’ll be able to continuously upgrade to PremiumDNS if you would like much better expertise.
However, albeit you utilize the free DNS hosting service, it’ll be free forever and you’ll ne’er be forced to maneuver to Namecheap as your name registrar.

3.FreeDNS (Afraid)

FreeDNS (found at https://freedns.afraid.org) could be a nice various to XName as a result of it being altogether free and really working. several forum users United Nations agency have used XName within the past report that FreeDNS could be an additional reliable various.
FreeDNS could be a free DNS hosting service for each domain and subdomain. They additionally provide internet forwarding and reverse IPV6 options.
The free setup of FreeDNS is going to be sufficient for many people that are trying to find a free DNS hosting service for a private project or a little website.
However, it’s capped at 5 subdomains, and it additionally doesn’t embrace wildcard support, doesn’t take away captchas, and incorporates a world propagation time of 1 hour.
Premium plans begin at $60/month and permit for up to five hundred subdomains, reckoning on the plan; they additionally scale back world propagation times to sixty seconds.
You can see updated plans on the FreeDNS valuation page.
FreeDNS was based in 2001, and therefore the website still appears pretty superannuated.

4.NameCoin Dot Bit DNS

This is another to XName for people who are into cryptocurrencies. it’s supported blockchain technology, and it’s designed for people who have .bit websites.
To use NameCoin DNS, you’ll have to be compelled to notice a registrar and get a .bit domain, that you’ll do victimization cryptocurrency.
It is vital to notice that this DNS hosting service may be a new blockchain that’s entirely broken free the most Bitcoin blockchain.
You can establish additional data on the way to get NameCoins, the way to register a .bit domain, a full list of .bit domains, and additional on this page. Here is a few additional data concerning Dot Bit.
To be honest, this is often not AN XName different that almost all individuals would have an interest in, and you ought to in all probability not use it unless you’re into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

5. Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS may be a forever-free DNS hosting supplier. not unlike XName, it offers 24/7 client support, even for the free plan; client support is lacking with XName in keeping with online reports.
However, compared to Cloudflare, it comes a bit short. this is often as a result of not liking Cloudflare, which doesn’t limit DNS inquiries on their free arrange, ClouDNS will limit queries to five hundred,000 a month.
So, if you have got quite five hundred,000 guests a month, you’d have to be compelled to upgrade to a paid arrangement. additionally, whereas the free arrange will embody internet redirects and one mail forwarding, you’ll be restricted to 1 DNS zone.
Nevertheless, the paid plans for the Cloud DNS area unit are pretty reasonable. In fact, they begin at simply $2.95/month; for updated costs, check that to see out the ClouDNS rating page.
Nevertheless, the paid plans for CloudDNS are pretty reasonable. In fact, they begin at simply $2.95/month; for updated costs, certify to examine the ClouDNS evaluation page.

6. Hurricane Electric DNS

Hurricane electrical is another DNS hosting service that’s entirely free. it’s a good different from XName; like XName, it provides IPv6 reverse zones however conjointly IPv4 reverse zones.
In addition, like XName, it supports AAAA records however conjointly A, ALIAS, CNAME, CAA, MX, NS, TXT, SRV, SSHFP, SPF, RP, NAPTR, HINFO, LOC, and PTR records.
In addition, they need an additional dynamic checkup service, that you’ll be able to access at http://checkip.dns.he.net.
Its server’s area unit is geographically varied, which implies that in spite of the language your web {site} is and/or within which countries users are attempting to access your site, they’ll be able to access it quickly.
One of the explanations cyclone electrical may be a nice XName different is as a result of it’s truly updated often.
The last XName news update is from 2013, whereas cyclone Electric’s page says that it absolutely was last updated in the Gregorian calendar month 2020 (as of the time of this writing; continually check their website for the most recent updates).
In addition, they’re continually adding new options. Right now, they’re exploring new options like Bind Zone Import/Export and DNSSEC.

7. Server Space

Server area may be a free DNS hosting supplier that permits you to host up to twenty domains at no price in the least. the most varieties of records support are square measure A, AAAA, MX, PTR, CNAME, NS, TXT, and SRV.
Server area may be a nice various to XName as a result of they supply a variety of further services additionally to DNS hosting. This way, you’ll get all of your wants met in one place while not having to use such a big amount of services and firms directly.
For example, you’ll get an associate SSL certificate ranging from simply €5 for one domain. Also, you’ll build free Private networks with up to a stable one Gbps information measure with international access points and up to ten networks in a very single project.
There are varied alternative services, that you’ll be able to see updated costs for on the Server area rating page (all costs are paid in Euros). For the paid services, you simply get what you employ, and payments are going to be subtracted from your account.
As you’ll be able to see on the rating page, the DNS service is free forever, however, information storage starts at €0.02/mo for one GB.
Unlike XName, that appearance is pretty superannuated, Server area features a sleek, modern, up-so-far website.

8. GeoScaling DNS Hosting

GeoScaling offers a free DNS hosting service. It permits you to handle up to at least one million DNS requests per month without charge.
They have nameservers in 3 completely different countries: France (Paris), Romania, and also the USA (Dallas, Texas). in spite of wherever a traveler to your website is found, if you’re victimization GeoScaling’s DNS hosting services, your page can load quickly and while not delays.
Unlike XName, which might be a small amount confusing since it’s thus superannuated and has every kind of writing system mistakes, GeoScaling really contains a pretty simple-to-use interface. There are not any confusing bells and whistles; instead, it will do what it’s purported to do.
Another nice good thing about victimization GeoScaling is that you simply will send users supported a range of things, as well as that country they’re in, their city, their network name, and more.
Not solely that, however with the utilization of good subdomains, you’ll create live redirection selections in real-time. All you have got to try to do is contact GeoScaling support, and they can assist you.
If you are doing ought to handle quite a million DNS requests per month (which you possibly won’t unless you use an outsized business), you’ll forever contact GeoScaling for a custom, low-cost worth.
This worth is going to be selected between you and their team, except for the general public, a million DNS requests per month area unit quite enough.
Another good thing regarding GeoScaling DNS is that they really hear what you have got to mention and also the feedback you have got to supply.
They have a page wherever you’ll submit feedback, and they claim that loads of their options are impressed by feedback given by users.
In addition, the homeowners of GeoScaling use their own DNS services for or their alternative comes. this implies that you simply may be positive that they’re really invested in ensuring that it’s a good service that fulfills their own wants.
GeoScaling offers a variety of distinctive options that area units offered by no alternative DNS services (or a minimum they claim to not remember of any DNS service that provides these features).
This means that not like with XName, you may be ready to do things like send guests supported by the network name, city, country, latitude, and great circle.
As mentioned, they even have good subdomains. A used-defined script can create a call on that informatics address to come back with supported factors antecedently mentioned (the visitors’ country, for example) and alternative factors like period of time.
Not solely that, however, if you are not shrewd to put in writing those scripts, GeoScaling can write them for you! All of those things create GeoScaling distinctive and completely different from XName and very the other DNS hosting services.

9. Duck DNS

Duck DNS may be a free DNS hosting service. the complete team behind Duck DNS solely consists of 2 engineers, however, these 2 engineers have over fifteen years of expertise within the business.
You can use Duck DNS to form your home network accessible from any place by fixing a Duck DNS subdomain. However, it is often used for any purpose, really.
Like XName, Duck DNS contains a terribly straightforward website interface. However, it’s a good variety to XName as a result of not solely is it forever free, like XName, however, it’s plenty of tutorials for several, many varieties of in operation systems; conjointly, it truly works!
In fact, I counted eighteen totally different operation systems, additionally to kinds of routers and standards.

10.1984 Free DNS Hosting

Finally, the last DNS hosting service that we’ll be watching is named 1984 DNS. 1984 Hosting could be a hosting company, however, you are doing not got to use their internet hosting to use their free DNS hosting services.
They are providing it for gratis as a result of the hope that some people that use their DNS hosting services will give way to their internet hosting services. However, apprehend that there’s no demand to try and do this and you’ll continue victimization of your previous internet hosting supplier with no pressure.
1984 could be a nice different to XName for those that square measure careful regarding their privacy and also the surroundings. you’ll have suspected that the name “1984 Hosting” is in respect to martyr Orwell’s book, 1984.
Your information is safe with 1984. they’re primarily based in Iceland, and though the corporate was started in 2006, they need since become Iceland’s biggest internet hosting company.
1984 has 3 main missions and core values that they stick to:
Upholding civil rights: there’s a reason why 1984 continues to be based mostly in Iceland, which is as a result, in Iceland, IMMI legislation is within the works. The founders of 1984 square measure were obsessed with civil rights and freedom of speech, that is why they’ll go the additional mile to shield their customers’ rights and inform them of any requests by governmental agencies concerning their data.
Green energy: 1984 solely uses renewable energy and strives to be as economical as potential in their energy usage. once you switch to 1984 DNS hosting, you recognize that you just are going to be creating the smallest impact on the atmosphere.
Free Software: 1984 Hosting is devoted to making free code whenever potential.
In a nutshell: If you’re smitten by civil rights, freedom of speech, and environmental protection, 1984 DNS hosting could be a nice different from XName.

Should You Use A Free DNS Hosting Service?

There is nothing wrong with employing a free DNS hosting service. However, you must ensure to use one that’s reliable and doesn’t expertise slowdowns or downtimes.
XName isn’t one of all those DNS hosting service suppliers, as they are doing not appear to be terribly reliable. However, varied others, like Cloudflare, ClouDNS, and 1984 Hosting, appear to be a lot of reliable.
However, if you are doing wish for higher options, upgrading to a premium setup or employing a premium DNS hosting service will perpetually facilitate.

What Are the simplest XName Alternatives?

The best XName various is Cloudflare. ClouDNS may be a shut contender, and Namecheap is pretty sensible too.
However, Cloudflare trumps all if you’re searching for a free DNS service. this is often a result of not liking ClouDNS, it doesn’t limit queries on the free arrange.
In addition, not like XName and every one of the opposite DNS services on this list, Cloudflare includes a Content Delivery Network. This ensures that your website isn’t solely shown to folks from all around the world however that there’s nearly no time period in which your pages load terribly quickly.
In addition, you’ll be protected against DDoS attacks if you employ the free Cloudflare service.

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